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    Цвет приятный и наносится в один слой так как он очень плотный, хорошо носится по времени, я дольше пары недель не нашу и сама снимаю. Так же в моей коллекции есть другие цвета этого производителя.

    27 декабря 2019 11:10
    • VeraNail шеллак гель лак цвет яркий розовый для ногтей 206

      ярко розовый цвет для маникюра педикюра и дизайна ногтей, приятный розовый цвет шеллака с доставкой до двери
      Страна ПроизводительРоссия
      Тип покрытияцветное покрытие шеллак гель-лак
      Объем10 мл
      Эффектбез эффекта
      ЦветЯркий розовый VN
      Артикул: Розовый шеллак VN206
      348 РВ приложении
      345 Р
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      Категории:Шеллак гель-лак VeraNail 200-299Гель лакПокрытие гель лаком

      Теги:выбрать оттенок розовогооттенки розовогорозовые оттенкиBright pink shellac for nails

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      Яркий розовый гель-лак цвет - это отличный выбор для дизайна и покрытия ваших ногтей.

      Производитель дает гарантию на это покрытие

      Сертификаты ГОСТ

      100% без подделок

      Легкость в нанесении

      не растекается 

      Bright pink shellac for nails №206.

      For professional use.

      Before applying, be sure to shake well. On the surface of the nail should be applied so that the end is sealed. After that, the applied layer should be polymerized in a professional UV or Led device.

      Comply with the storage conditions. Do not keep open when working UV or Led lamp, do not heat and beware of direct sunlight on varnishes.

      Take proper precautions. Keep away from children, fire, do not use after the expiration date.

      Composition: acrylic monomer, polymer, pigment, rosin, camphor, glitter, photo initiator.

      Manufacturer. “Shellac opt”, Russia, Moscow.

      Correct application

      Perfectly made manicure is a real decoration and pride of the modern woman. Vera nail shellac is a high quality product, it has excellent wear, so it is an ideal choice for a fashionable manicure. Pink colors of this varnish choose a beautiful floor with a refined nature, as these colors never go out of trend. More shellac prefer young girls.

      For a beautiful and modern manicure you need:

      • A manicure with the preparation of nails to the application of the base coating.
      • Then nail plate apply Base Coat nail Vera Formula. The base does not spread, it has a thick consistency. It is applied very easily, even beginners will not be difficult to do. The base dries in a UV or Led lamp.
      • After this procedure is applied in two or three layers of pink shellac for nails. The quantity and quality of the coating depends on the varnish on the brush. Beginners inexperienced masters are advised to take a smaller amount of varnish and do more on the layer, and experienced professionals immediately cause a thicker layer.
      • Vera nail Top Coat Formula is applied in two thin layers, then apply a matte finish (if necessary).


      The best style patterns are:

      • cherry blossoms;
      • almond flowers;
      • mallows;
      • white rose;
      • flowers of fruit trees;
      • geometric patterns made with a very thin white outline;
      • gradient from light pink to crimson at the tip of the nail;
      • crimson ornaments;
      • specks or flowers on the sides of the nail;
      • glitter and nail sand.

      Beautiful and unique female manicure create with the use of pink shades of varnish with different modern additions: silver and gold powder, rhinestones and sequins on long and short nails. For design use large rhinestones, placing them on the entire nail, so on his part. Used to decorate the mother-of-pearl or metal shell, bright confetti.

      French manicure

      French manicure for many years will remain fashionable, but only in new combinations with amber or rubbing of velvet sand, which is so loved by young fashionistas. Apogee of female beauty and tenderness is considered manicure in pink tones.

      It is not only gentle and beautiful, but also versatile, with a manicure you can attend any event. And most importantly it does not need to specially select the outfit, as the pink color is perfect for any elegant clothes.



      Страна ПроизводительРоссия
      Гарантияот производителя стандартная гарантия
      Тип покрытияцветное покрытие шеллак гель-лак
      Объем10 мл
      Эффектбез эффекта
      ЦветЯркий розовый VN

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